VONDOM Revolution, Interactive Experience

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Project: VONDOM Revolution, Interactive Experience

Programming: Vitamin

Electronics: Vitamin

Design: Vitamin


The VONDOM brand had a big impact in Feria Hábitat 2019, launching their brand new campaign “Revolution”, where they based all their furnitures designs on sustainability and their impact on the planet.


VONDOM contacted us in order to present their new line in a big immersive and interactive event, where spectators can participate in an interactive installation and control water by moving their body. The entire space counts with water visuals projected on the walls by video-mapping, that takes the spectator into an immersive experience.


Title: VONDOM Revolution, Interactive Experience

Meta-description: Immersive and interactive launching event of the new VONDOM campaign Revolution in Feria Hábitat Valencia 2019 at the Bombas Gens Art Center.