Voltereta Kioto, Immersive Experience


Light Installation · Interactive Immersive Experience · Visual Design


Project: Voltereta Kioto, Immersive experience

Design: Vitamin

Electronics: Vitamin


Once again, we got to work on a Voltereta project, one that took our imagination for a lengthy trip, no longer to the past and to the West as our previous project with them, but to the future and to the East.
The new concept that gives birth to the fourth Voltereta restaurant sent us to a market located in Japan in the future years 3000.

At first sight, the restaurant located in the Paseo de la Alameda in Valencia, appears as a faithful representation of the streets of Kyoto, the capital of the Japanese culture, with a traditional decoration full of cherry trees and stone and a replica of the arches of Fushimi Inari, a very representative element of the city.

What clients would not expect to find there, is a passage to the future behind those restaurant walls and thus to be able to jump between an organic and traditional environment and an immersive and technological space in the blink of an eye, which represents an impressive and unforgettable experience.

As previously done in Voltereta Manhattan, we also wanted to offer to the public of Voltereta Kyoto an opportunity to interact with technology in a very intuitive and tangible way. For this we manufactured a system made up of tokens, a custom-designed totem to introduce those tokens, a screen hidden behind a spyglass and the programming and design of a virtual assistant: Ukiyo.

Upon entering the establishment, customers are greeted by a host who checks the reservation and transfers the information to the tokens, there they discover the secret door and move to a futuristic space where they find the interactive totem that makes Ukiyo appears as if by magic, who introduces himself, makes comments on the futuristic products the market offers, and gives the necessary directions for people to find the assigned table.

The room, which mimics the appearance of a night street in front of a market façade, also has an immersive light installation where flexible LED tubes represent an imaginary evolution of ordinary light cables and illuminated signs made of methacrylate, as an evolution of the common street signs. In the glass walls that represent the entrance of the market, advertising visuals of each designed product are reproduced in a loop, using video mapping. Among the products ideated, designed and manufactured by Vitamin we find: Planetary water, galactic lava, ukiyo gum, meteorite salt, and sunrise and sunset cereals among others.

To this date, the success of the restaurant has been undeniable and the wait time to make a reservation is usually more than a month.


Title: Light installation, virtual assistant, visual projection and product design.


Light installation made of flexible neon tubes and methacrylate signs, virtual assistant design and implementation, and packaging design for futuristic products with respective animated advertising designs that all together offer the sensation of being in a market in Japan from the future.