VENIS, 3D Video Mapping

Video Mapping · LED Programming
Project: Video Mapping Showcase
Client: Venis Porcelanosa Group
Creativity and execution: Vitamin
Technique: Video Mapping + LED Programming

Ceramic company Venis, belonging to the Porcelanosa Group and located in Villarreal, Castellon renovated their showroom on february 2018, and for that we applied our video-mapping and programming technique in different areas of the showroom.

The spaces were set in Vancouver at a hotel deck, an urban sector and a residential space. One of the environments showed 4 windows with the city view, a video-mapping was made projecting the main lines of the cuttings in the materials, simulating that the geometry of the designs were switched on and off, with a subtle change of intensity.

The effect on the audience was a surprise because not being able to see the projector they did not understand what a video-mapping consisted of. Many visitors thought that the wall was backlit or that the material had light inside. The second showcase was a programmed LED installation, which made a lighting drawn following the cuts of the materials used.

These drawings were not random but had been programmed following a design that balanced the rhythm and speed. In the third installation an LG screen was housed with a very uncommon dimension, a narrow and elongated format of approximately 2m x 30cm. The screen was on the side of the window and showed only landscapes that were related to the materials of the showcase itself. In addition to the windows, Vitamin did another video-mapping to simulate the views of a terrace on a deck hotel in Vancouver.

In this case 3 EPSON were used with a wide-angle lens that opened the projection more than 4m and 2.5m away. The projection was made on three orthogonal planes (the three vertical enclosures of space) and surrounded the viewer with the real views of a skyscraper in Vancouver.



Project summary: We highlighted the design of Venis’s new collections in the Venis (Porcelanosa Group) showroom through a video-mapping and programmed LED installation that simulate the lines of the main geometry in their materials and surface finishes.

Besides, these were not static views, but rather a night time-lapse that we commissioned from an audio-visual company in Vancouver. The guests received a cocktail upon arriving at this area and enjoyed views of Vancouver from a privileged position.

To finish, we worked with the LG Ultra Stretch screens in a bedroom and a restaurant, where a loop video of the views of both spaces was shown. In the case of the bedroom in a residential area, one could see a landscape of Vancouver, with the point of view located on the other side of the lake, in a mountainous area. In the case of the restaurant, Vancouver was visible at street level.