TILEDIVERSITY 360, Immersive Experience


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Project: TILEDIVERSITY 360 – Immersive and Interactive Experience

Client: APE Group

Agency: Idear Ideas


Technology as a marketing tool allows to enhance customer contact points and has become increasingly a trend that the ceramic sector is not immune to. With the design of the Tilediveristy experience, APE Group and Vitamin bet on an innovative way of creating emotional connections with the audience, to amaze and stay in their memories.

To achieve this, the company set up a transparent glass room in the shape of a cube, in an area with privileged views of the showroom, in which three modes of use were proposed: Brand experience, product presentations and meeting room. Taking into account the 360 audiovisual element of the room, each mode allows for total immersion in the topic at hand.

The Vitamin team, who collaborated in the creation of the modes and in the equipment of the space, placed particular importance on the brand experience creating Tilediversity, an audiovisual and multisensory work that speaks of life, design, versatility, evolution and inspiration, with a particular focus on APE Group’s efforts to learn from our nature and thus create the spaces of the present and the future, spaces that adapt and evolve.

The experience was developed in 5 phases, designed to introduce the viewer, present the topic of biodiversity, and then give them the choice between three options, giving them the power to control the narrative order, and finally closing by inviting them to discover the APE showroom.


Phase 0 – Receiving:

The customer enters and the salesperson who guides them in the experience greets them. After the proper protocols, they are directed to the space. To ensure that the customer enters the cube in a calm and attentive state, they are asked to leave any objects they are carrying outside of the cube and to enter with their hands free. The glasses are in opaque mode.

Phase 1 – Breath:

30 seconds of absolute silence, white light and a subtle fresh aroma put the visitor in a situation.

Phase 2 – Presentation:

The moment of immersion is perhaps the most surprising phase. Here we transport the visitor to another reality through a transition from white to black. Initially, liquid visuals appear that resemble a baptism, birth, initiation. Drops “fall” on the walls increasing in intensity until they are completely black and some drops remain floating in the space.

These drops then lead us to a horizontal movement that turns into soft curves increasing speed and then transforming into a DNA chain.

We add another pause by lowering the speed of the waves until they turn into points that remain floating on the walls generating a soft landscape in perspective.

Gradually, the points disappear leaving only 3 that, along with a slight floating movement, take on color and draw a symbol within each one representing the buttons that the viewer can select to choose which world to discover first: People, Spaces or Geographies?

Phase 3 – States


In this state, we use splashes of colors and organic shapes as it covers the most visual part of the ceramics. We also connect to the initial DNA to later visualize all the people who are part of APE group.


Here we use white and light, we express with visuals and sound the ability of ceramics to adapt to any space. Generic container spaces that come to life with ceramics.


To talk about the infinity of markets that APE reaches, we start with a black, enveloping space in which we recreate the birth of a galaxy and then give order and prominence to the spatial connections.

Phase 4 – Conclusion

One or several human figures will appear on the screens bidding farewell and inviting us to discover the APE exhibition.

The inauguration of the experience and the showroom took place on October 13th in Castellón, Valencia.





Immersive and interactive experience design for APE Group where the goal is to increase brand knowledge and engagement in a more technological and surprising way.