TED x, Video Mapping

Interactive Installation · Video Games · Visual Design

Project: TED x, Video Mapping

Programming: Vitamin

Electronics: Vitamin

Technique: Video mapping


TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit organization known for their annual congress and Ted Talks. In these events, lecturers from many disciplines (entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, illustrious politicians, etc.) are invited to share with the public, for about 18 minutes, information, ideas and their vision about current issues in which they are considered as true experts, always under the principle and the TED motto “ideas worth spreading”.


Vitamin made a digital presentation where a voice-over narrated and conducted the projected visuals through video mapping on a white cardboard boxes structure.


With this spirit of sharing and publicizing ideas that are really worthwhile, TED has created the “TEDx” program, the local version of talks adapted to audiences from more specific geographical areas. “TEDx” are organised independently, offering a similar experience  to the TED conferences adapted to the local reality in which they are located. In this type of events TEDTalks videos are combined with live lectures and artistic performances to favor the connection and a deep debate within a small group of attendees.


In our case, the event was called “TEDxUPValencia” and the Vitamin team had the pleasure and privilege of participating as a lecturer on february 19, 2017 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.


The main theme of this “TEDxUPValencia” was Causality and Chance, two terms that should not be confused and that refer to the world of causes and effects. Based on this, the Vitamin team developed its talk around the reasoning that the creation of ideas is not based on pure chance… although the chance component is often present and conditions the final result of that idea. The ideas are developed around the circumstances and the behaviors of those people who mature them, although chance is something that we can not ignore or underestimate and we can even exploit it and take advantage so that the resulting idea is, if possible, more original.



TITLE: TEDx Video Mapping

SUMMARY: Voice-over narrated video mapping on a white boxes structure.