SMART Configurator, Interactive Video Mapping

Video Mapping · Interactive Installation · Interactive Event
Project: Smart Configurator 
Client: Socios Publicidad / Smart
Design: Vitamin
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin
Execution: Vitamin 
Technique:  Video Mapping + Artificial Vision + Processing

Valencia was one of the European cities chosen to be a “Smart City”, a new city concept that presented Smart to promote its urban vehicles. For this, during 1 year, different events were held in different locations of the city.

Vitamin was in charge of introducing interactive installations in these events with the purpose of surprising the visitors.

For the presentation of a new car at the Smart / Mercedes dealer in Valencia, an interactive installation was presented to configure the Smart properties. The installation was based on a real-time configurator of the car where all the different parts of the car could be changed.

The installation consisted in a configurator table on which pieces of wood were placed, symbolizing the different parts of the car (roof, door, bonnet, tires, etc.). When placing any of the pieces in the interactive area, a projection was activated on the corresponding part of the car. There was also the option to rotate the piece and this translated into a change of color / texture of the projection thus seeing the entire range available.

Two 6500 lumens Christie projectors were used to carry out the video-mapping on the Smart that, in addition to showing the different colors and textures available, projected videos of the brand on the car.

Thanks to the precise and exiting configuration system of the car, the visitors were surprised and all wanted to configure their own Smart.



Project summary: Interactive Installation to configure the different possibilities of colors and rims of the new SMART