REEBOK: Perfect Never, Video Mapping

Interactive Installation · Video Games · Visual Design

Project: Reebok, video mapping

Production: Vitamin + Mondolirondo

Technique: Projection + Video mapping


This time we moved to Madrid to make the Reebok calendar presentation named Perfect Never with video mapping on a structure made of boxes. The idea was to show an influencer athlete for each month, with a personal quote and her image using motion graphics and visual effects thru video mapping.


The video mapping does not have to stick to large buildings or sculptures as they can also be used on smaller objects and indoor locations as in this case. The event took place in a Crossfit Box in the center of Madrid.


We made a structure of white cardboard boxes giving a sense of depth and dynamism. The 2D and 3D audiovisuals were created in Valencia by our creative team based on the calendar created by Reebok.


Each one of the sports influencers represented a month and a sport modality such as boxing, crossfit, MMA, gymnastics, etc. We represented the different athletes using elements that were significant for them and specifically related to their month. The textures of the sportswear, the accessories and the sport that they practiced were the guides to be able to design the audiovisuals for video mapping.


This project was carried out together with the communication and events agency Mondolirondo Luxury Brands.



TITLE: Reebok, Perfect Never. video mapping


SUMMARY: Video mapping on a cardboard structure of boxes for the new Reebok calendar presentation with the participation of sports related influencers.