Preu Just – Festival Miradors de l’Horta 2021


Interactive Installation · Light Installation · Work of Art · Concept Art · New Media Art


Project: Interactive light installation

Client: Miradors de l’Horta Festival

Creative Design and Programming: Vitamin

Photography: Vitamin

Video: Vitamin


Turisme Carraixet presents the second edition of the Miradors de l’Horta Valencia Festival, in which Vitamin participates with the work of art Preu Just.


“Futurs de l’Horta” was the festival’s motto, an open invitation to meditate about the future of agriculture, local commerce, sustainable development and the relationship between agricultural lands and urban territories.


In this context Vitamin decides to shed a light on the harsh reality that small producers face when it comes to competing with the low prices industrial agriculture offers.


How much do non-material things weigh? Do we place value on tradition and sustainability? Who has the power to balance the scale? These are the questions behind the artistic installation proposed by Vitamin.


To translate the problem into a tangible experience, the installation showed 14 light crosses of 2 meters height filling Palauet de Nolla’s three main halls in a straight line.


The crosses’s shape imitated the tomato plantation’s technique used today throughout the world and originally from Valencia and the most important piece was located at the center of the room, an interactive scale that shifted the light through the crosses across the space.


When the attendees moved the scale by switching the weight of the scale sideways, the light moved from one end of the room to the other, behaving like a physical element with mass.


With the artistic installation, Vitamin seeks to give value to something that seems to have lost it, making a comparison between the weight of light that is present but not measurable in the scale and the weight of the values of tradition and sustainability.


Several elements complete the light installation: a mirror placed at the ends of the room to give the perception of infinite depth; the floor covered with mirrored vinyl that simulates the water in the garden; the shape of the crosses that imitates the tomato cultivation technique used today throughout the world and originally from Valencia; the gyroscope that allows to measure the inclination of the balance; the feeling of emptiness and momentum left by the the alternation between darkness and light when using the interactive element.


Among the forty proposals received by the Miradors de l’Horta Festival during the selection process, other than Preu Just by  Vitamin, the proposals of the artists and studios were selected: Clausell Studio together with El Manufacturer de Espheras, Isho Design and Maribel Alba; nituniyo along with Memosesmas; Clap Studio and Trashformaciones.


The festival took place the second week of October 2021 in various locations in l’Horta Nord in Valencia, Spain, with more than 30 free activities and seven artistic installations created by professional studios and artists entirely with recyclable or reusable materials.




Preu Just


Interactive light installation to shed light on the issues faced by local farmers in the context of the Miradors de l’Horta Festival.