NOKEN Water States, Interactive Experience

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Project: Water States – Interactive Installation

Programming: Vitamin

Electronics: Vitamin

Diseño & Visuals: Vitamin


Once again we get to work with Noken of Porcelanosa Group to design an experiential space within the showroom located in their facilities at Villareal, Castellon.

Noken, like the rest of the Porcelanosa Group companies, renews their showroom every year to carry out an event at the same time as the most important fair in Europe, CEVISAMA, which takes place in Valencia. In this fair, professionals and the most important brands in the world meet to share impressions and show the latest developments. Given their magnitude, Porcelanosa decides to hold an alternative fair inside their facilities.

Noken, specialized in bathrooms, has a wide variety of artists, designers and architects involved in the design of their spaces, creating an elegant and distinguished environment.

This year, Noken together with Exit Agency designed the new concept “Water States” where water, the main element within the products and materials sold by Noken, is present in 3 physical states: gas, liquid and solid. In addition, the creative agency Exit endowed water with another state, the creative one. Basing the communication in this concept, Noken is positioned as a design brand.

Vitamin became part of this team to design an experience room based on the 3 states of water where the viewer was surrounded by a unique experience of this element and it’s physical states. In this, equal to all projects, we carry out a study of the possibilities and qualities of each of the states with the purpose of merging technology, design and concept.

The space.

A path was designed so that visitors could discover, in a specific order, the 3 states of water by playing with shapes, mirrors, protections and other interactive installations.


The first stop was the gas state, characterized by weight, density and spread. A state where water and air share the same space creating vapor clouds. To recreate this we installed an interactive projection, using the video mapping, where visitors could manipulate the movement of gas.

In addition to that, a feeling of humidity and mist was created with vapor machines.


The liquid state of water is the most common one and the one that relates to the brand the most, for this reason we wanted it to get more attention. For this we designed two interactive experiments mixing design technology and art, that allowed visitors to enjoy the liquid state in a different way to what we all are used to.

The first one was a kinetic installation that was meant to represent the movement of water waves, made with 77 copper spheres (material used by the brand for many different designs). This installation was also enhanced by infinity mirrors that offered more dimension and movement perception.

The second interactive installation was a real time simulation of water in digital form. For this we designed a box of moldable sand that served as canvas for the interactive projection. To make sure the different heights of the sand were all covered with the projection we used a depth camera that modifies the surface in real time. This technologies allow the effect of the water to flow over the sand in the most resembling way to reality.


The last state of the interactive experience was the ice, represented by Vitamin with mirrors in polygonal shapes, covering the walls creating a voronoi polygonal. Completing the scene, in the center of the space, Noken presented its last line of faucet over polygonal stands also made of mirrors.


Title: Interactive Water States


Interactive Experience Showroom