NOKEN, Immersive 360º Video Mapping

Video Mapping 360 · Motion Graphics · Experience
Project: 360º Video Mapping 
Client: Noken. Grupo Porcelanosa
Design: Vitamin
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin
Execution: Vitamin 
Technique:  Video Mapping 360º + Design + Motion Graphics

Taking advantage of the most important week for the construction and architecture sector in the Valencian Community, having the fairs of Cevisama and Habitat Valencia, Porcelanosa Group and all its companies present their products and novelties in spectacular and elegant show rooms housed in their facilities in Villareal, Castellón.

Noken, one of the companies specialized in bathrooms within the Porcelanosa Group, relied on Vitamin to lead the experiential part of the 2017 show room, which consisted in a sensory and immersive room that transmitted in an artistic and visual way their products.

A rectangular room of 35 square meters was designed that transformed into an audio visual experience through 360º projection and Dolby 7.2 audio.

Following a ritual, and with with a previous room where the importance and virtues of water were explained, it was passed to the hermetic room where the assistants seated in the center of the room, and embarked on a sensory journey that did not leave anyone indifferent.

The 3 minutes audiovisuals reflected all the important information that Noken had to transmit to the visitors of his show room from the raw material to the distribution they made around the world. The projection was made on the 4 walls of the room using 6 ultra short distance projectors housed in the ceiling. The spectators sensation was completely immersive as it introduced them into the products and materials of the company.

A 7.2 audio coordinated with the visuals was designed to give the  installation an even greater sensory dimension and keep the tension throughout the speech. In addition to the visual and auditory aspect, fans and resistors were installed to generate temperature changes and different scents asynchronous to the experience.

For a simple manipulation of the installation by the commercial managers of Noken, a simple interface was programmed with different parameters (language selector, volume, brightness, etc.) that could be activated. from a smartphone or tablet. The installation was translated and adapted to 4 languages ​​and was exposed for 8 months at the facilities of Noken, Grupo Porcelanosa.



Project summary: Inmersive Experience with a full 360º Video Mapping for Noken´s (Grupo Porcelanosa) showroom.