M A T T 3 R – Origin of Creation. Audiovisual Experience

· Audiovisual Experience · Interactive · Immersive

Proyecto: M A T T 3 R : Origin of creation

Programación: Vitamin

Visuales: Vitamin

Light Design: Vitamin

Audio Design: Carlos Vera

Video & Photo: Ceniza TV


The origin of creation, an abstract concept that jumps between science and consciousness to focus on the whole as an ensemble and an equal.

This interactive audiovisual experience ponders and digitally interprets quantum physics, the fundamental forces and the numerical and geometric patterns that rule the universe and originate matter, creating realities to understand itself.

Starting the journey in the first dimension, the visuals evolve incorporating physical parameters and constants to the behavior of the different digital particles. During the interactive audiovisual experience, the particles react to the fundamental forces of the universe such as gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak.

As light is a fundamental element when it comes to the universe, the creation or the matter, MATT3R incorporates a series of light tubes that react to the audiovisuals and are part of the interactive experience.

As it could not be otherwise, Vitamin has designed the audiovisual experience by incorporating interactivity. Throughout the experience, users can interact with the visuals by modifying their trajectories and adding parameters, making each pass unique and unrepeatable. To perform the interaction, they used a series of depth cameras that capture the movement of people around the interactive zone.

The 2D and 3D visuals were designed using TouchDesigner, a tool that allows you to design in real time while the audio was designed by Carlos Vera, from Noiz.es, using Ableton.

Matt3R: Origin of Creation was first presented at MMMAD, Urban Festival of Digital Art in Madrid during the month of May 2021. Vitamin Studio was the first artist that exhibited on the giant LED screen on Taller de Ideas, starting what would be four weekends of immersive experiences.

In addition to Vitamin Studio’s interactive audiovisual experience, other artists such as The Rhodina, Clon Works and Zack Lieberman participated with exhibitions on urban screens such as Roca Madrid Gallery or the JCDecaux digital canopies; Digital meetings and workshops in La Casa Encendida; An international call of AR art in Instagram filters and immersive experiences on the giant screen of Taller de Ideas and Domo360 dome, all with an online live transmission by Twitch.


Title:  M A T T 3 R : Origin of creation


Real time interactive audiovisual Experience that narrates the Origin of creation in an abstract and conceptual way.