LG Signature, Video Mapping

Video Mapping
Project: Video Mapping  presentation
Client: Mondolirondo · LG
Graphic design: Vitamin
Creativity and execution: Vitamin
Technique: Video-mapping

The Valencian events agency based in Madrid, Mondolirondo Luxury Brands, delegated to Vitamin the visual video-mapping show for the presentation of the LG Signature home appliances in the Palacio de las Alhajas.
The project consisted in presenting a television, a refrigerator and a washing machine. Based on them, two scenarios were designed to house the 3 products: a kitchen and a living room. These scenarios, instead of being real, were taken to a single dimension, vying the main lines of both scenarios on a consecutive panel of about 8m x 4ml.
Mixing the 3D visuals of the video-mapping with the 2D drawings on the panel achieved a very striking optical effect, turning the spaces into realistic and futuristic three-dimensional stages. All the visuals were accompanied by sound effects that gave even more strength to the presentation.


Resumen proyecto: Presentation event of LG Signature’s new high-end home appliances, through a visual video-mapping show on vinyl panel with an artificial effect and with the products embedded in the panel.