LES ARTS Festival, Video Mapping

Video Mapping · Interactive Installation
Project: Video Mapping · Interactive Installation
Client: Coolway
Design/Programming: Vitamin
Visuals and 3D Modeling: Vitamin
Execution: Vitamin
Technique: Interactivity + Video Mapping

Video-mapping is a very impressive technique and mostly seen in facades and large buildings. A festival stage has rarely been projected with video-mapping , and this time, in addition to the projections, it was in charge djing in the festival, transmitting emotions and brand identity. Visuals related to the benefits of Coolway footwear were designed, above all to generate excitement during the break of the stage.

The visuals were designed by Vitamin together with the marketing managers of the brand to match each of the animations with the message that the Coolway collection wanted to convey and how to relate it to the Festival de les Arts and artists such as La habitación Roja, León Benavente and Digitalism. At the Festival de les Arts 2017, Coolway also presented its Foot Truck, a concept store that became a reality and that allows for a technological and stylish mobile display. The Foot Truck has two volumes in addition to the cabin that symbolize the logo of the brand, a circle and a square.

The square is transparent to be visible from the outside as a mini store that allows to show the collections around the world. On the other hand, the circle is composed of a LED screen that allows to show content of the brand as well as to present interactive installations. In this event, in addition to displaying visual content of the brand, a musical reactive installation was designed, allowing those who were enjoying the Festival de les Arts to dance and see themselves reflected in the Coolway universe. This interactive installation had a great impact on social media and made those who interacted enjoy.



Project summary: Video Mapping on the Coolway stage of the Festival de les Arts in Valencia and interactive installation for the Foot Truck that presented the footwear brand at the festival.