SIEMENS, Interactive Video Mapping

Video Mapping  · Interactive Installation · Motion Graphics
Project: Interactive painting mural
Client: Siemens / Mytra
Design: Vitamin
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin
Execution: Vitamin 
Technique: Interactive mural + Video mapping + Electrical paint

Vitamin had the opportunity to design this interactive panel with video mapping for Siemens together with the automation engineering company, Mytra. The main idea was for the panel to explain the fault detection and alarm systems of Siemens, implemented in the production line of the Seat factory in Martorell. Devices able to detect technical problems in the chain in real time and avoid the collapse or stop of the processes to improve their productivity.

The interactive panel’s objective  was to show the main characters of the sector, the benefits of the Siemens system and how they collect and monitor the data.

The placed the installation inside the Seat factory surrounded by machines and people working, causing a surprise effect among all employees.

In this case, Vitamin used “Touch Board” technology from “Bare Conductive” (based on Arduino) and electric paint for interaction; The video mapping technique with Madmapper was used for animations and visuals. A handmade drawing of the assembly line of Seat vehicles was designed in a conceptual, graphic and friendly way so that it could be understood by any spectator. Below the production line were drawn a series of icons that represented some of the most typical problems the factory could have. In certain points of these icons the electric painting was used to make them tactile and interactive.

These points in turn were connected to the “touch board” electrodes so that they could send an interaction signal to the computer. The computer collected these signals and transformed them into animations that were projected through video mapping on the mural. The code was programmed using C ++ and openFrameworks.

The panel was made out of wood, and in its upper part hung a short-range projector prepared to project the entire panel (3m width by 1.5m high). The drawings were animated by video mapping, squaring the projections on the contours of the panel which also had devices embedded in its lower part that allowed interaction.



Project summary: Interactive installation powered by electric paint and bare conductive for Siemens and Seat.