HASBRO, Interactive Video Mapping

Interactive Installation · Video Mapping · Interactive paint
Project: Interactive touch panel
Client: VDV Communication Agency / Hasbro
Design: Vitamin
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin
Execution: Vitamin 
Technique: Interactive mural + Video mapping + Electrical paint

Together with the communications agency VDV, an interactive showroom installation for the multinational toy company Hasbro was presented. It started as an intense creative process after visiting the facilities several times and understanding the need to give a different welcome to the clients. It was concluded to create a lively and attractive solution, very in the vein of the gameplay and the childish, so it was decided to resort to an interactive mural that would welcome and surprise as soon as a visitor entered.

The client chose to present the most important toys of the season on the mural. The showroom entrance consisted in that the visitors could activate the animated mural that we call “touchwall”. The white panel of about 4m x 2.2m had the main lines and contours of toys such as: Transformers, Monopoly, Play-Doh, etc. and each one had 1 or 2 “touch” points of interaction made with the electric paint, which the visitor could touch to activate the different animations.

The animations were projected using the video-mapping technique from a short-range projector located just 2m from the panel. The projections gave life to the vinyl drawings with a touch at each point which became more visible with a blinking colored circle so that the visitors knew where to touch / play.

While the “touch” points were not played, there was a large “Welcome” sign n the center of the mural in constant animation. The letters were only outlined, so through 2D visuals its interior was animated with surprising visuals accompanied by sound effects in real time.

This panel was built on a rectangular frame with a thickness of about 5cm, enough space to house the wiring and the electronic board on its back. The electronics sent a signal to a mini PC that was located next to the projector. The animations of the video-mapping were made thru the Madmapper program, designed by our visual designers team.



Project summary: Interactive Mural using bare conductive´s interactive paint and video mapping for Hasbro.