FORD: 40th Anniversary, Interactive Event

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Project: Ford 40º Anniversary.

Design: Vitamin

Diseño experiencia inversiva: Vitamin


In this project we worked on the 40th Ford’s anniversary event that took place in La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia. The event included many guests from the automotive world, entrepreneurs and politics such as  the Generalitat Valenciana’s president.


We worked in various interactive installations based on the company’s past, their present and future. The installations were designed to be intuitive, functional and surprising, for this, different technologies and means of interaction were used.


The past:

To represent the beginning of the Ford Almusafes’s factory, we made an interactive table with a series of cards with vinyled dates to visualize different visuals such as photos, videos and spots of the first vehicles manufactured in the Valencian Community. 


The present:

To be able to talk about the factory’s present, a route was designed simulating a racing circuit divided into 40 parts reflecting the different years since the inauguration. With a Ford Mustang’s scaled model, the guests could cross the circuit discovering 40 curiosities about the factory. In this installation, an interactive motion detection system was used to capture the car’s position in real time, showing the information on the screen.


The future:

For the brand’s future, a 3D interactive installation was designed using an infrared depth camera with real-time hands tracking. The guests could interact  in a 3D environment, playing and enjoying the novelties presented by the Ford vehicle brand.




TITTLE: FORD 40th Anniversary, interactive installation

SUMMARY: Event celebrated for the 40th Anniversary of Ford Valencia. Various interactive installations were developed to show Ford’s history in this city.