FINSA, Interactive Event

Video Mapping  · Interactive Events · Experience
Proyecto: Sensory event
Cliente: Finsa
Diseño: Vitamin
Programación y Visuales: Vitamin
Ejecución: Vitamin
Técnica: Design + Videomapping + Programming

Finsa counted on the Vitamin team to design an interactive event where the new trends offered to the architecture, design and construction sector would be presented. Finsa has been a pioneer in the manufacture of chipboard and MDF in the Iberian Peninsula and is currently one of the most important companies in the sector in Europe.

During the first meetings with Finsa’s marketing team it was clear that they were looking to get out of the conventional, be daring and connect with the guests. Different interactive actions were proposed and little by little it was focused to get each interactive installation to have the message that Finsa wanted to give with its collections and textures.

The new collection had 4 trends (Nurture, Pioneer, Construct and Embrace) and each of them told a different story. In addition to the trends of the collection, Finsa wanted to highlight a high range of products that have names based on musical styles; Tango, Rock, Blues and Jazz.

The first installation housed at the event’s entrance was a lamp manufactured with raw Finsa products. The lamp had 16 tungsten bulbs that were ignited one by one while the audience entered into the room. Once all the light bulbs were on they started a choreography of light and movement. The interactive installation had servomotors programmed to perform sinusoidal movements simulating water waves and other organic movements related to the growth of trees.

The first part of the experience was where each of the trends was explained. In these interactive installations visitors can create their own moodboard, explore the seabed through an interactive installation of video mapping on sand or enter a natural world with aromas and sensations of the galician mountain.

The last installation had 3 independent interactive sub-installations that modified the parameters of the visuals and that made a video mapping on an artistic structure of rectangular shapes made with their materials. The interactive installation that presents Finsa’s high-end collections has its own installation in the interactive event, it was a mixer created with the leading materials that allowed the guests to create their own musical compositions.

The interactive event was itinerant and was presented first in Santiago de Compostela at the SGAE building, in Valencia at the Plaza del Tosal and in the Born district of Barcelona.



Project summary: Interactive event where the new trends of the logging company Finsa were presented. The event was presented in Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.