DIGITAL NATURE, Immersive Experience


Event Design · Immersive Experience · Videomapping


Project: DIGITAL NATURE – Immersive Experience

Client: FINSA

Event Creative Design: Cul de Sac and Vitamin

Photography: Cul de Sac and Vitamin

Videography: Cul de Sac and Vitamin

Video Edit: Cul de Sac and Vitamin


After two years of physical absence, with no major events, fairs and exhibitions, FINSA decided to bet on a one-of-a-kind social event. The company, working for  almost 100 years in the industrial transformation of wood and manufacturing of decorative and technical solutions for all spaces, has positioned itself as an innovative company with an outstanding event proposal: a runaway of panels on industrial robots with an immersive show of 2D and 3D visuals.


With #BehindTheScenes, the company highlighted their ability to evolve over time and exhibited the many digital and physical tools that it offers today, as well as the variety of content and novelties in designs and textures that are available.


To express this concept and talk about the technological aspect, as well as the balance between technology/nature, sustainability/growth, Vitamin developed Digital Nature, a narrative adventure shown through an artistic composition created by light dynamics, transformation and optical effects. A projection of visuals that covered the entire perimeter of the ephemeral space created by Culdesac in Green Patio, Madrid.


Based on the work of Christopher Alexander who introduced aspects of nature to create city architecture, we propose a similarity between the growth of a tree and the development of Finsa, we designed a journey through nature from its essence, showing the mathematical patterns that give rise to the organic resources necessary for FINSA’s production to the implementation of technological processes and the results obtained by it.


These geometric patterns were the basis for the creation of shapes and movements that simulated natural forms such as those found in plants, animals or trees. Curved and smooth lines that covered the entire projection surface to convey a feeling of total immersion.

The new trend of digitization of our environment into the meta-verse is introducing people or cities into virtual space. With Digital Nature, Vitamin seeks to digitize the company, turning it into a graph represented by nature and organic forms.


To give prominence to the principles, values, policies and objectives that represent FINSA’s foundation, we designed tree growth rings, each ring stood for  one of the concepts and as so, symbolized the base on which it was sustained. From there we developed a tree, made it grow, and made other trees grow until creating the forest.


It is very interesting to know and study the life of trees through the rings of their trunk, being able to discover the most fruitful years and the events that occurred reflected in the trunk. In the same way, a company grows depending on how it faces all the different factors and events that occur in their lifetime. All that, together with the values ​​and objectives that are proposed, make each company unique and visualized in a graphic way.


Finally, we turned to architectural visuals, adding three-dimensionality. An ending that included grids that were distorted to create new spaces and different perspectives, nods to the measurements of the top, to the designs and to the most emblematic collections of the brand.


Together with the design of the space, the technology and robotics used, this audiovisual show offered an unforgettable immersive experience that will now be part of FINSA history.





Immersive 2D and 3D Visuals for Finsa’s Behind The Scenes event. A story told by light movement, transformation and optical effects, inspired by nature and forests.