CORONA Whooo Hooo, Interactive Installation

Interactive Installation · Video Games · Visual Design

Project: Corona, Audiovisuals

Technique: Audiovisuals, Programming

Staging and programming: Vitamin

Design: Vitamin and La Despensa


As an advertising campaign, Corona draws the pedestrians attention at Nuevos Ministerios Plaza in Madrid, a government complex that houses the headquarters of several ministries and important national and international companiesl.


This time the concept is focused on workers, specifically calling attention to the number of hours we work versus the number of hours we dedicate to leisure in our lives. La Despensa, an agency in Madrid, contacted Vitamin to design the space and produce the entire installation of a giant 9×5 meter screen with a frame to simulate multi-screens of computers. 162 modules of the Absen x5 AB-X5 LED screen were used, a screen for outdoor spaces capable of resisting rain and sun.


The visuals design were the result of an extensive study carried out in the capital to get the workers to respect their work hours and to have more free time to have a Corona beer. Being a study focused and divided by week-day, Vitamin devised a programmed ad hoc APP to transmit the visuals on the screen, giving real people data in real time during a whole week. Both the visual desigs and the programming were carried out in Valencia by our design and programming teams.


The screen was on 24 hours for 1 week, passersby stopped to read the information and take piesctur, in addition to the study data were presented Corona advertising videos and announced a promotion in which they invited the public to get a free Corona beer at 6pm at any bar in Madrid.


This action generated a lot of media noise, specially in social networks, all the influencers of the City visited the space and helped spread the news.



TITLE: Corona Whooo Hooo


SUMMARY: A giant screen installation in the center of Madrid to transmit live information about spanish working hours statistics.