COOLWAY, Interactive Stand

Video Mapping · Interactivity
Project: Interactive Stand
Client: Coolway
Design: Vitamin + Josep Rua
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin
Execution: Vitamin + Josep Rua
Technique: Interactivity + Video Mapping + Design

Coolway Freestyle relied on Vitamin for the design, production and execution of the interactive stand that was to visually tell the message they wanted to convey with their new collection. The stand’s main character had to be the footwear, so the interaction must be intuitive, intelligent and in harmony with the collection. For this purpose Vitamin studied and discussed with the brand’s marketing team until a design, visuals and customized interactions were obtained for each shoe.

The installation was programmed for the most part in Unity, a video game engine that allows calculating high-performance physics in real time. This system allowed to play with simple 3D visuals that symbolize the logo and with a high performance of interactivity. La instalación se programó en su mayor parte en Unity, un motor de videojuegos que permite calcular físicas de un alto rendimiento en tiempo real lo que permitió jugar con visuales 3D simples que simbolizaban su logotipo pero con un alto rendimiento de interactivo y sorprendente.

When one of the shoes was held, programmed visuals were activated simulating particles, fluids or generated forces such as the attraction or repulsion of other elements. The interactive installation was presented for the first time at the Center del Carmen in Valencia where the brand’s annual convention was held to publicize the new collections and what the overall aesthetics of the campaign would be like. It is an ideal place since the light is controllable and allows the video-mapping projection to have an optimal contrast.

Then it was presented in the United States in august, at the Magic Show Las Vegas footwear fair that welcomes the entire american footwear sector.The next destination was Shanghai, where the brand was presented for the first time thanks to the success obtained in the asian market. There was also a second installation that allowed visitors to dance for a brand’s gift.



Project summary: Interactive stand to present the 2017/2018 Coolway Freestyle footwear brand’s campaign. The interactive installation with video-mapping was presented in 6 cities around the world.