Astral Bodies, Interactive Space

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Project: Astral Bodies, Immersive Installation

Staging and programming: Vitamin

Electronics: Vitamin

Design: Vitamin and Enorme Estudio


Inspired by the surprising number of meteorites that fall on the planet earth each minute, we designed together with Enorme Estudio an immersive and interactive exhibition to present the new MDF Fibracolour of the galician company, Finsa. The exhibition took place at Superstudio, within the design festival Fuori Saloni in Milan’s Design Week. Other well-known firms such as Lexus and Norma Copenhagen also presented their products at the same center.


Enorme Studio designed 9 meteorites baptized with galician places names and made with different Fibracolour boards showing the virtues offered by the material where the edges are colored facilitating the transformation and use of the material.


Vitamin designed a light installation consisting of 35 LED tubes that emulated the fall of each meteorite on earth. A study about this phenomenon was carried out and sequences were programmed using position algorithms and lighting patterns in real time. We designed and included audio inspired also on the meteorites fall to make an even greater experience of the installation. We built 10 Fibracolour 10 lamps to hold the LEd tubes creating a mesh above the 8 meteorites.


Astral Bodies as a concept has two meanings. The exhibition is centered on the meaning that treats astral bodies as bodies that float and travel through space. In the second interactive installation presented at the exhibition, the concept of the astral body was based on the unfolding of the body by vibrating at different frequencies. To do this, an interactive installation was programmed to allow visitors to interact directly with the largest meteorite in the exhibition, Trevinca.


With a presence detection system and stress measurement algorithms we captured the frequency variations that visitors generated when approaching Trevinca. An interactive projection and a generative sound modified its amplitude and frequency thus showing the different vibrations.


The installation has been very well received by the design and architecture sector and has been news in many important media such as:














TÍTULO:  Astral Bodies, interactive space

RESUMEN:  Instalación lumínica diseñada para  Finsa en colaboración con Enorme Estudio. Tubos de Led controlables y videomapping creaban este espacio inmersivo.