Astral Bodies, Interactive Space

Interactive Installation · Video Games · Visual Design

Project: Astral Bodies, Interactive Space

Design: Enorme Estudio

Interactive Experience Design: Vitamin

Techniques: LED Lights + Video mapping


Inspired by the astonishing number of meteorites falling to Earth every hour, together with Enorme Estudio, we designed an immersive and interactive exhibition to present the new MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) product, Fibracolour, by the Galician company FINSA. The exhibition took place at Superstudio, an event space in the center of Milan, as part of the Fuori Saloni design festival within Milan Design Week. Other renowned brands such as Lexus and Norma Copenhagen also showcased their products at the same venue.

Enorme Estudio designed nine meteorites, each named after different regions in Galicia and manufactured using different Fibracolour boards, showcasing the material’s virtues where the edges are colored, facilitating its transformation and use.

Vitamin designed a lighting installation composed of 35 LED tubes that simulated the falling of the different meteorites to Earth. Extensive research was conducted on this phenomenon, and real-time position algorithms and lighting patterns were programmed to create dynamic sequences. The installation incorporated actual audio recordings of meteorite falls to enhance the overall experience.

Ten lamps made of black Fibracolour held the light tubes, creating a mesh-like structure around the eight meteorites scattered throughout the space.

The concept of Astral Bodies had two meanings in the exhibition. The first focused on astral bodies as celestial entities floating and traveling through space. The second interactive installation presented at the exhibition was based on the concept of astral bodies as the separation of the physical body through vibrating at different frequencies. For this, we programmed an interactive installation that allowed visitors to interact directly with the largest DM meteorite in the exhibition, named Trevinca.

Using a presence detection system and stress measurement algorithms, we captured the frequency variations generated by visitors as they approached Trevinca. An interactive projection and generative sound modified their amplitude and frequency, thus displaying the different vibrations.

The installation has been well-received by the design and architecture sectors and has garnered attention from major media outlets within the industry, such as:

AD Spain






Title: Astral Bodies


Experience the mesmerizing “Astral Bodies” installation, a stunning light creation designed for Finsa in collaboration with Enorme Estudio. Controllable LED tubes and captivating video mapping combine to bring you into this immersive and otherworldly space. Step into a celestial journey like no other.