Astral Bodies, HABITAT

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Project: Astral Bodies, Immersive Installation

Staging & Programming: Vitamin

Electronics: Vitamin

Diseño: Vitamin & Enorme Estudio


A series of meteorites landed in Galicia during the month of February and were exhibited during the Milan Design Fair 2019. On this occasion, the frequency of meteorite falls was analyzed and represented through a lighting installation using real landing data. Additionally, vibrations generated by Trevinca, named after the highest mountain in Galicia, were studied concerning its contact or proximity to other celestial bodies, such as the visitors. This interactive installation was represented through video mapping onto the meteorite and reacted to the presence of people using an overhead camera.

During the Habitat Fair 2019, the Astral Bodies landed in Valencia. To analyze the meteorites, study their composition, and think about potential uses, an immersive and interactive space based on future archaeology was designed, allowing visitors to analyze and interact with the material.

The installation had two areas. The first served as a prelude to the experience and allowed Finsa’s representatives and visitors to have relaxed conversations in an environment decorated with furniture made from Fibracolour boards (FINSA).

A large curtain separated the immersive interactive installation in the second area. This zone had a space-themed ambiance that captivated everyone and introduced visitors to the immersive world of Astral Bodies. The meteorites were divided into islands according to their origin, estimated based on the tones and colors of the different meteorites. Each origin was represented through interactive visuals that flowed according to the light movements generated by the scanning tubes.

At the center of the immersive experience was an interactive table designed for studying the meteorites. The table had three interactive areas. Two of them consisted of different acrylic sheets that, once placed, displayed various information through video mapping:

Landing site location.
Meteorite characteristics: Texture, weight, size.
Technical properties of FINSA’s FIBRACOLOUR product.
The central interactivity of the table allowed for the visualization of more detailed information about the materials, the product, its composition, etc. To operate and control this interactive installation, small meteorites or meteorite pieces were used. Through this interactive installation, visitors could learn more about the Astral Bodies project and the properties of FIBRACOLOUR, using the product itself as a user interface.

Great attention was given to creating an atmosphere and transporting visitors to a more scientific and spatial plane by working on the sound and lighting of the entire space.


Title: Astral Bodies, Interactive Immersive Installation


Interactive and immersive staging to present FibraColour by Finsa at the Habitat Fair Valencia 2019, in collaboration with Enorme Estudio.