ASICS : Interactive Sonar Experience

Interactive · Video Game · Stand Design
Project: Interactive Installations
Client: Mondolirondo Luxury Brands & AsicsTiger
Desgin: Vitamin
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin
Production: Vitamin

The agency Mondolirondo Luxury Brands counted on us once again for one of its wonderful and recognized events. This time, the project was for the brand ASICS sportswear and sneakers, and the re-launching of one of the most iconic models of ASICSTIGER TM, the GEL TM SAGA OG.


Mondolirondo created a brand space at the SÒNAR 2018 music festival in the city of Barcelona where technology, arcade games, neon colors and fluorine colors perfectly represented the Asics campaign #WhatTheGEL, inspired by some of the most “cool” neighborhoods of Tokyo. Vitamin was responsible for the design and programming of two interactive games that the attendees of the SÒNAR 2018 could play to win a pair of shoes of the expected ASICSTIGER GELSAGA OG coloured white nuclear and neon.


The first of the games, #dancefloor, consisted of a body recognition camera that transformed your figure in the screen into a translucent and viscous gel. This was possible thanks to body tracking technique. Your figure would look as one more big piece other famous GEL. Random pieces of gel appeared around you and the aim was to crash them with your extremities. The more crashed, the higher the score. The effect achieved was brilliant! Players moved as quickly as possible to it seemed they were dancing wildly to the sound of Asics inside SÒNAR.


In the second game, #puzzle, individual pieces of a very viscous gel fell that had to be turned and placed in the right place so that they fit in a tetris mode. By joining the pieces of the same color and shape they disappeared, giving more space to the screen for the following pieces. The objective was to eliminate as many pieces as possible. The winner received the desired GELSAGA OG shoes.


The design of the interface, the ideation and gameplay and software programming of these two interplay games was developed by the Vitamin team, fusing technology and gaming with a retro style full of neons and colors.



DESCRIPTION: We designed and programmed two interactive games for ASICSTIGER next to our client Mondolirondo at SÒNAR 2018. The reason was the re-launching of Asic´s GEL TMSAGA OG shoe and its new campaign #WhatTheGel.