Amarillo Chillón, Interactive Installation

Interactive Installation · Video Games · Visual Design
Project: Amarillo Chillón
Client: Contemporary Museum
Design: Vitamin + Nacho Ruiz
Programming and Visuals: Vitamin + Nacho Ruiz
Execution: Vitamin + Nacho Ruiz

Vitamin and valencian artist, Nacho Ruiz were invited to present an installation within the Art Festival “To see the Sound” conducted by TodaysArt at the NCCA Contemporary Art Museum in Moscow, Russia. Many artists from all over Europe exhibited their art pieces relating the framework of technology.


“Amarillo Chillón”, in english Bright Yellow is a sculpture that reacts with the presence of the audience emiting a sound. The sculture changes its brightness ​​from darkness to a very bright yellow as the volume increases. It needs the participation of the public, breaking the usual norm of being silent at the museum. The installation is based on the synesthetic concept we have in Spain of giving the yellow color non-intrinsic properties such as heavy noise, screech, brightness, etc. This synesthetic concept is not common in other parts of the world so it makes the installation more meaningful.


The interactive installation was located in a dark room where 50 fiber optic sculptures and mirrors hung creating an infinite universe of light and reflection. The visitors were responsible for lighting up the installation and increasing its intensity based on the noise, volume and stress measured in the room. Through sound and presence sensors, we measured the different stress values ​​generated in the room and these parameters determined the lighting intensity in the room


The fiber optic artistic installation was controlled by its own microcontroller and using a DMX communication protocol.



TITLE: Amarillo Chillón


SUMMARY: Art installation developed together with the Valencian artist Nacho Ruiz, exhibited at the Moscow Contemporary Museum for 3 months.