Jul 1, 2018

Interactive photocall with fabrics and rear projection

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Vitamin has designed a different photocall from the ones we are used to seeing. It is an interactive version, where in real time you can see yourself reflected in a funny and surprising way, being able to interact with your own figure.

The installation consists of a very slender metallic structure with semi-translucent fabrics, arranged in different planes. These fabrics are projected from the back, offering the viewer an image of himself in real time on all fabrics. The different planes manage to cause a depth effect of the same figure and the recognition camera detects the people who are in front of the photocall. Through an APP we transform the figure of the person with different colors, textures, fillings, etc. We also introduce other elements in the projected scene, such as cubes or spheres that the user can interact with.

Multiple rear projection + Real time camera recognition

The effect on the audience is fantastic, everyone is encouraged to interact with the photocall and have fun doing it.

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